We can make any Sheriffs department paperless in any area.

Whether it’s personnel files, investigator case files, training documents, jail logs, Inmate Incidents, All jail records can be paperless. It’s easy to use. We do the setup and train your people to use it.

One jail customer of ours scanned all their inmate archive records in 1 year and freed up 2 rooms in the building that were occupied by paper files. They often had to retrieve files  from a storage building at the county airport. Now everything is just a mouse click away.

In addition to batch scanning all your archive documents we have the ability to turn paper forms into fill-able PDF forms that can be created inside any inmate folder. Need a better way to track inmate incidents. We can create a fill-able PDF form for correctional officers to fill out from any computer in the jail. Then by saving that form to a windows folder our system picks it up and automatically routes it to supervisors for approval.

Investigator files can include pictures, audio, surveillance video files and paper documents. We can keep all case files in the same case folder and they can be securely shared with other agencies by using our secure share portal.

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