Get all your student records scanned & never store another paper record using Filer Express Software.

Filer Express has over a dozen school districts who use our software to scan, store and retrieve student records. When students transfer to other schools within the district, the student records must be transferred with the student.

Filer Express handles this in a secure manner with a built in feature called FX-SHARE. This feature has an INBOUND and OUTBOUND section

Other school districts who use Filer Express can receive a record in their INBOUND and easily file it to the correct student folder without it ever becoming a piece of paper.

When sending a student record out, FX-SHARE sends an encrypted link to the email recipient that takes them directly to the documents for download. The best part is, the person sending the student records can track if it was received and downloaded.

Teachers need access? No problem.

When given the security rights, teachers and administrators out in the district can use the internet browser to log in and look up student records without having to call the central office.

Central Office Personnel and A Scanner

Filer Express makes filing easy by using document scan templates that automatically names every record keeping the naming convention consistent across all student records. Whether you are filing a single record or a batch of records that go to various student folders we make it easy with FX-File Basket which is also built into the software

Want to really get rid of the paper and stress it causes?

Using Filer Express fill-able forms combined with our easy-to-use workflow, schools and other educational facilities can be free of paper files, faxing and the stress that comes with both

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As a long term customer I can say that my experience with various staff members has been exceptional. Technical issues are promptly addressed and resolved. The Filer Express software has simplified my experience with document management. I have experienced fewer technical issues and find that this program is more user friendly.

Beth Herrin, Case Manager – McComb School District

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