Filer Express

Document Management Made Easy

Filer Express (aka FX) is our main software that holds digital file cabinets. These advanced electronic file cabinets are built from scratch to match you desired structure. BY using these electronic file cabinets we give you the ability to add folder labels that can also be used to populate PDF forms on creation.

It’s intuitive interface allows you to view cabinets, folders, labels, documents and a preview all on one main screen. We work with you to build a template for each document you will be filing, including document categories for better organization.¬† Some templates have default settings and are used across all cabinets like our “Keep File Name” and “Outlook Email” templates, others we make for you based on how you wish¬† to retrieve documents.

In technical terms the Filer Express Client is built on the REST API Platform. This makes it easy to integrate with other cloud based applications. It also allows us to make a secure connection to our Microsoft SQL Database with our cloud hosted model.


Document Management Made Easy / No Double Entry

FX-LinQ is a software module that works in conjunction with Filer Express Document Management Software.

Filer Express uses folder labels based on the application, the last thing we want is double entry of the same data. For example, If you have a Vendor already in your accounting system we don’t want to enter that data again just to build a folder. Same thing with other applications such as HR, Finance, Legal etc. If data already exist, let’s use that data instead of having users type it again.

FX-LinQ can be useful in a few ways, but the most important is the ability to link to other data sources such as databases and spreadsheets where that data has already been entered. This prevents double data entry into multiple systems. Data capture software can collect text from scanned or PDF documents and have it organized in a csv file. This is usually done in the background and the csv is exported to a windows directory. FX-LinQ can then grab the captured data from the csv and build a folder in Filer Express ready for documents. We have our own recommended data capture software or can work with what you already have.

FX-Hot Folder

Document Management Made Easy / Fast Filing

FX-Hot Folder is a feature built into Filer Express Document Management Software. Simply make a windows folder on your desktop and name it “Hot Folder”. Once that is done you can enable it from a setting inside Filer Express. This folder will be monitored waiting on you to drop, print or save a document into it. This immediately pops up the FX New Document windows so you can quickly file the document to the correct Cabinet, Folder and Category. The “Hot Folder is then empty waiting on your next document to file. You can drag and drop multiple documents at the same time such as emails or email attachments.


Document Management Made Easy / Fast Meeting Minute Searches

FX-Agenda is a software module that works in conjunction with Filer Express Document Management Software.

Agenda is designed to help you quickly file Agenda’s and Minutes, but it can also create an index page for the Meeting Minutes book kept in your office. The best part about filing the minutes in Filer Express is so you can quickly find minutes based on key words or phrases. No more searching through books of paper. If you do not already have your minutes on a website we can assist you in that as well. All done through Filer Express.