“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

— Winston S. Churchill

Hi my name is Tim Peek and this year (2019) marks 20 years since I sold my first document imaging system. My how time flies. I have been blessed to have the right people come into my life at the right times. Just like yours, my life has been one giant experience that has taken me from one level to the next.

I would have never thought 20 years ago that someday I’d have my own software company. In fact, my intentions in 1998 was to sell copiers while working on my Microsoft Network Certifications. I would go to work as a network engineer for a big corporation. Apparently that was not God’s will for my life. He knew that, but I didn’t. At the time I was in a career that I was not happy with.

Don’t judge me, but yes, I was a new and used car salesman from 1987 to 1998. It’s true, I was too shy to be any good at sales. Talking to strangers was not my thing back then. I had always been a laborer at construction sites, coal mines, did some work for a local law firm and even had a short bus driving career.

I was a little fearful of car sales at first because I had to go meet and greet people. Had it not been for the top notch automobile organization and their training I probably would not be in sales today. I would not have my own business. I give all the credit to John Crump and his Toyota / Mazda dealerships. Also, the people in management back then like Wayne Allen, Jerry Williams, Randy Tate, Junior Franks, Lou Fantacone, Craig Buehler and others who played a role in my development as a professional sales person.  People make all the difference.

We are all in the people business, whether its employees or customers or vendors without developing healthy relationships we have no business.

After my training, I led the sales board in automobile sales month-in and month-out for a couple of years. I enjoyed that career until I struck out on my own and became a wholesaler and failed miserably. Just because I could sell cars didn’t mean I could buy them. I learned that the hard way.

Knowing I could get a job selling cars anywhere with my record and reputation, I took some short breaks from the car business from 1987 to 1990. At the time I was also working with an Attorney friend who sold a Custom Silver Eagle bus he and his partner had bought as an investment. I ended up being the driver when it sold and carried several  Rock and Country Bands on tour. I got to see a lot of the country but this was not for me. Too many lonely nights, I missed home too much.

I did several tours but ended up back in the auto business in 1990 when my son was born. I never went back out on a tour after his birth.After 11 years I had grown tired of the automobile business. It seemed all my days were spent watching traffic go by. I felt like others were living while I was stuck at a car lot. I wanted something more but was not sure what. So, I’d asked for prayer at church. I was looking for a way out.

One day I was approached by a fellow church member who asked me if I’d like a job selling copiers. He had owned the local Canon dealership for over 20 years. I loved the idea of selling to businesses. Going from business to business would be a welcomed change of pace. Talking to people about these machines didn’t sound that hard, so I took the job.

 Little did I know, this would begin my new career in technology.

Fast forward to somewhere around the year 2000 and with copier sales under my belt, the owner asked me to attend a BTA Convention  in Orlando Florida. I was excited to see all the new digital copiers and even more excited to use my networking knowledge installing them on a business network.

The first day at the convention I sat through a document Imaging presentation. They were there recruiting dealers to sell their systems. I saw immediately how this was going to help businesses back home. We read all the literature and talked about it on the plane ride home and decided we would sell these systems to our copier customers.

After a few months of training, I got busy showing small insurance agencies how they could scan all their paperwork and provide better service to customers with fast document retrieval. No more putting people on hold while you go pull their file. everything was a mouse click and a few keystrokes away. it was awesome!

After the first year I had sold several systems but there was a problem; I had to service them too. It was probably close to the end of 2001 when the owner called me in his office to tell me they wanted me back on copiers. They were giving up the document imaging business because Canon was not happy with the new sales numbers.  I was given the choice and needed to let them know the next morning.

There was never any doubt about what I wanted to do. I started my first technology business in 2002 and became the only dealer for that product in my state. Business was rocking along pretty good until one day I received a phone call that my territory had been given to a larger company in hopes of larger sales. I was devastated!

The call came as I was on my way to a demo appointment in Huntsville Alabama. I will never forget it. I stopped on the side of the interstate, got out of my car and paced back and forth hoping to change their minds but the deal was already signed in ink.

My agreement allowed me 1 year after that to service my existing customers, then I was to hand them over to the new company. This meant 50-60% of my small businesses revenues that I had worked for would be passed to another company. I had no choice legally. Upon the advice of an attorney friend I set out to find a competitive software to sell and I found one right here in my home state.

I went on to sell that document management software for the next 15 years or so. I was both a re-seller and a Southeast Region Manager during those years. This was a great little company and there was a lot of energy to build it into an empire and I was proud to be a part of it. They merged with another company who immediately made changes that had a negative affect on my business, so I decided to develop my own.

By developing Filer Express I could correct all of the little pesky flaws that had bothered me about paperless software for all those years. The flow of document driven processes would be in my control now. The buttons were to be self explanatory.

I wanted a software that takes less mouse clicks to accomplish a task. Yes, I’m a click counter, always have been.  In my mind, clear menus and less clicks is  “Document Management Made Easy” and I have trademarked that slogan because that was the thought process for every screen as it was being developed.

Filer Express went live May 1st of 2018. Since then I’ve been busy seeing after new sales and converting my longtime customers to Filer Express. Document management software is a business critical application that has to be kept operational or businesses have no access to their critical records. Customer support is very important for these types of software applications.

I am passionate about my customers having great software that’s easy to use. If I talk someone into this kind of investment I feel 100% responsible for how that turns out. So, I have been blessed to have loyal customers who have stuck with me through 2 different products over 20 years. Over the next 20 years I fully expect to be a leader in the content management and business process workflow industry. We have only just begun!

Welcome to Filer Express where we always put out best foot forward and are only as good as our customers say we are.


Tim Peek, President