Busy Law Firms create a lot of paper.

Create Digital Law Practice Cabinets with Workflow, Word-merge and More

Typically in a law firm you will see various practice types. Filer Express has a Electronic File Cabinet for each type.

Each practice type has its own document templates, whether word merge or other.

However, with Filer Express, since we create cabinets from scratch there are other files that need a place to live. For example, a “Local Counsel Cabinet” would house the agreements and correspondence associated with the other firm. Keeping documents organized and easy to find and distribute is the key to efficiency.

Of course, document creation is also a big part of any law firm. Filer Express includes word merge templates that can save time by auto-filling critical data from the Filer Express folder labels. Data like matter number, client details, opposing party details can be on the folders as well.

Documents filed into Filer Express can be Full Text searchable. Whether a word document or a PDF, Filer Express document management system makes finding documents easy.

Need a better way to securely send  documents or large files? No problem.

Built into Filer Express is a secure send feature we call “Filer Express-Share”. It consist of both Outbound and Inbound documents. It’s great for sending documents to 3rd parties that contain sensitive data or maybe the file is too large for email.

Once shared, the document can be pulled back at anytime as long as the other party has not downloaded the shared document.¬† Anytime a document is downloaded by a 3rd party the document is marked “Accessed” on that date and time. So users can always know when things have been accessed by the 3rd party by looking at their shared items page in the software. When combined with Time & Billing software, Filer Express document management for law firms makes any firm more productive and organized.

Large case files with experts and parties who need case files to form opinions require a lot of work to get those files out the door. with Filer Express these experts and 3rd parties can be assigned a user account and only have access to what they need.

We provide assistance in the setup and are always here when you need us.

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