Human Resource Departments Create a Lot of Paper.

Digital Applicant, Active Employee and Terminated Employee Cabinets

HR departments still have a lot of paper files in spite of applicant tracking systems and online payroll.

While online applicant tracking systems serve their purpose, there remains a need for better document management to go fully paperless. This is because there is more paper in the HR file than applications, hiring documents and payroll. Filer Express can integrate with those systems to truly make HR paperless and prevent double entry of data at the same time.

We do this by by creating 3 digital cabinets; Applicants, Active Employees and Terminated Employees.

Filer Express can eliminate all the paper that is produced internally by the Human resource Department. One way is by converting paper forms to PDF fill-able forms that can be created inside our system directly from an employee folder. This does away with the filing step usually seen in outdated paper based file systems.

When used in conjunction with Filer Express, workbaskets forms processing becomes a much more efficient process. If you already have PDF forms, then half the battle is won. And those ready-made forms your team worked so hard on, can easily be setup as Filer Express templates.

The Filer Express system allows you to distribute documents to both internal and external recipients in the following ways:

  1. Documents can be emailed from the system to external recipients
  2. Documents can also be securely shared from the system. This feature sends an email with a secure link to the record. Perfect for sending employee files.
  3. Documents can be routed through workflow internally for collaboration and/or approval  process tracking.

There will always be paper from outside sources to scan. That is slowly going away on its own as more people are going paperless and sending things in digital format.  We can increase efficiency when we tweak internal processes during the change from paper to digital. Even signatures that were once on paper are no longer needed when we can tag a document as approved by a users credentials, date and time.

At the end of the day, our goal is to find some relief for the HR staff and increase efficiencies in the overall document process for the Human Resource Department.

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