HR Departments create a lot of paper.

Many HR departments still have a lot of paper files in spite of  the online applicant tracking systems. Those are good but they are only partial solutions. A full solution would be a a document management system that can do 1 of 2 things.

  1. A document management system that can host web forms for applicants to fill out and have a way to query and track those new applicants. (Filer Express can do that)
  2. A document management system that can integrate with an existing ATS to bring over initial applicant data and documents. (Filer Express can do that too, provided the ATS vendor will work with us.)

We can eliminate all of the paper that is produced internally. This requires a change in mindset because people are so used to printing and copying records. With a document management system a large percentage of those printing and copying needs will go away.

How does using a document management system greatly reduce copying and printing?

The answer is simple when you think about it. We no longer are dealing with a physical piece of paper but rather a digital document. These new electronic documents can be viewed by multiple people at the same time. But what if someone needs a copy? Filer Express can distribute documents to internal and external recipients in the following ways.

  1. Documents can be emailed from the system
  2. Documents can be securely shared from the system by sending an email with a secure link to the record
  3. Documents can be routed through workflow internally for collaboration and/or approval  process tracking.

However, there will always be paper from outside sources to scan. That is slowly going away on its own as more people are going paperless and sending things via email. The problem with email is security and confidentiality we fix that with FX Secure Share.

We are experts in turning paper forms into e-forms so they can be passed from a department manager to HR & payroll through our system. We increase efficiency when we tweak internal processes during the change from paper to digital. Even signatures that were once on paper are no longer needed when we can stamp a document as approved by a users credentials.

At the end of the day, our goal is to find some relief for the HR staff and increase efficiencies in the overall document process. This allows more time to focus on people and their issues instead of paper and the problems it presents. Paper slows everything down in a digital world. Technology is changing the way business operates and those who don’t adapt will be left behind.

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