We’re Easing the Paper Pains for Automobile and Truck Dealerships


Automotive Dealerships have three primary document types that need converted from paper to digital. We can add Human Resources to this list for larger dealerships.

  1. Service Repair Orders
  2. Parts Tickets
  3. Deal Jackets

These documents are created from their Dealership Management System (DMS). The companies that dominate the automotive DMS space are Reynolds & Reynolds and CDK Global formerly ADP dealer services for car dealerships.

Karmak and Procede are the two most prominent for the commercial truck dealerships.  Most of these software companies offer a document management / imaging option or module.

Current Situation

Dealer Management System modules are very pricey and cumbersome to use.  Many dealerships have opted to not buy them for those reasons. We are finding that they also fall short of being able to take the entire dealership paperless. Business License, Sales Tax, HR, Vendor documents and other paper records are usually not a part of their solution.

Penalties for not being able to produce certain signed documents can result in heavy fines from state vehicle departments.

That being said, many dealerships are struggling with the amount of paper they need to retain. Many documents must be kept for 7 to 10 years after the execution date, at the very least.

Capturing, storing and retrieving those documents place a heavy and expensive burden on the dealership.  Manual labor of filing and purging paper, copy & printing is excessive in all dealerships.  Manual retrieval can sometimes be laborious and hard copy paper gets lost and misplaced causing someone heart burn every time.

These costs add up in both employee labor and dollar cost of materials.


Our document capture technology can automatically extract the metadata, name the document, and file a high volume of documents away into the corresponding customer or vendor cabinet and folder. There is no need to integrate with the dealerships Dealer Management System.  In fact we have found it to be a disadvantage to do so.

Any of the data that is needed from the DMS can also be captured from the documents being scanned. Therefore, we can build inventory, customer and vendor folders from the documents being scanned. We can also use the document metadata to give all of the documents a title. In the past with older versions of our software we would need to connect to those DMS databases to grab data. Not anymore.

Because documents are the heart of any business, our document management system provides the dealership with a backup of their business. The entire business is dependent on signed and executed documents and the data in those documents.  All of the information needed to service customers and vendors is located on documents captured into our system.

Our document management  solution can be delivered either in a traditional premised based install or via a cloud based.  With either solution, the cost is fractional when compared with the Auto Dealer Management System’s offering.

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For dealers who do more than 100 RO’s or Parts Tickets per day we have Document Capture Software to speed up the filing for high volumes of paper.