Compliant Electronic Record Keeping for Financial Advisors

Filer Express allows Advisors to enjoy the benefits of paperless while meeting compliance

Compliance for your advisory and brokerage documents is a big deal. No other industry has the stringent rules of the Financial Industry. The rules we are referring to are those that regulate the archiving and retention of documents. They can be found here Security Exchange Act. More specifically SEC Rule 17a-4


  • Insists on searchable index of all data stored
  • Necessitates data be view-able and readily retrievable
  • Offsite storage of data
  • Storage of data must be on WORM (write once read many) electronic media

Filer Express Document Management Software is easy to use and inexpensive for financial advisors.  After an initial setup and training fee user license start at $50 per month for a solo practice with discounts at 5, 10 and 20 user for larger firms.

Filer Express includes a daily scripting process sending records to an offsite facility that meets compliance. Here is a 3rd party compliance assessment of that technology

Upon request Filer Express will provide a Letter of Undertaking required to satisfy the regulation authorities.

The benefits of using the Filer Express Document Management System are too many to cover here but we are happy to demonstrate how other advisors are using our system to enjoy digital access to all their client files.

FX Mobile

Once Filer Express is installed on the desktop there is also a mobile app to give you access to Client folder from anywhere via approved mobile devices.

This is great for answering client questions or reviewing proposals from a mobile device. Since your business involves data stored in documents it is nice to have that kind of anywhere, anytime access. All contained in a secure system only available to those who have access rights via a login username and password.

Whether you are review a plan or on the go and need to see what a client has with you, Filer Express keeps it simple and easy with FX-Mobile

Multiple Offices

With the Filer Express cloud hosted model, every user in the system can have easy access to the secure client file cabinets. New applications, 1035 exchanges, rollover paperwork can easily be scanned and routed to home office securely within the system. Filer Express workbaskets are available for every user to hold documents they are working on or those that are pending further action. Workbaskets are a built-in function of our systyem.

For 3rd party access such as CPA’s, Attorneys and even the Clients, Filer Express offers a Secure Share Portal to send encrypted links to documents. This is all done  from the client folder with 2 mouse clicks and typing in the recipient’s email address for sending.

If you would like to see this in action please fill out the demo request form on this page.

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