Getting a paperless invoice is a good thing but only if you don’t print it to paper.

With the Filer Express document management system there is no reason to print attached invoices anymore. You can just drag and drop into vendor folder and route it to your work basket until it gets paid.

Companies are cutting back on copier maintenance and trips to the printer by installing document management systems to help manage accounts payable documents. From the purchase order request to the check run, managing accounts payable is so much easier that it used to be when all you had was paper files.

A great example is the P.O. Request and approval process. We simply take your P.O. Requisition form and turn it into a fill-able form that can be accessed in our system and routed to the appropriate approval person. Filer Express tracks the entire process and there is never any guess work as to who has it or if it has been approved.

If you already create the PO Request in another system it can easily be filed electronically into Filer Express and sent through the approval workflow process. Keeping all the supporting documents together requires a good document management system like Filer Express.

The days of shuffling  paper around to get approvals are far gone for most of your competitors. With Filer Express document management software we take the paper out of the business process and people become more productive.

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