Filer Express offers a completely paperless document management software solution, allowing organizations to relieve stress, boost efficiency, improve security, and save physical office space.

Our document management solutions are powered by Microsoft SQL Server. They are light on resources and can run on a physical server, a virtual environment or in our cloud environment hosted by two of the top data centers in the USA.

With a wide array of cost points, we are able to accommodate the independent professional, the small office or department all the way up to the enterprise with branch offices across the globe.

Some of our most popular tools for everyday use include:


This tool links Filer Express to 3rd party databases to prevent double entry of data on behalf of the users. Folder labels in Filer Express can be populated automatically when using FX-LinQ. Data on folder labels stay updated based on changes made in the other database. With FX-LinQ working behind the scenes, it’s also possible to trigger other actions bases upon a change in a folder label value.

FX-Hot Folder

A hot folder is a windows folder that is monitored by Filer Express. When electronic documents are saved to or printed to this folder the “New Document” window pops up to file the document in Filer Express. This included PDF’s, Word, Excel and other popular formats.


Sometimes it is necessary to use a a 3rd party for scanning services or use a data capture software to scan documents. FX-Import makes it possible to automatically bring those documents into the Filer Express document management system.